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Lets Talk About Direct Cremation

An Okehampton funeral director is supporting a nationwide campaign to help bereaved families better understand funeral options amid fears that many people are not getting the send-off they expected.

The Let’s Talk About Direct Cremation campaign has been launched in response to growing concerns about ‘no-fuss’ funerals which often prevent mourners from gathering to say goodbye to a loved one.

Albery & Redstone Funeral Directors are participating in the initiative led by SAIF, the UK’s largest trade association representing independent funeral directors.

The hope is that by raising awareness of the differences between unattended and attended funerals, families will be able to make a more informed choice when the time comes. For example, some national direct cremation companies do not facilitate chapel of rest viewings, meaning friends and relatives are unable to spend time with a loved one before the cremation.

Commenting on the campaign, David Albery (Owner of Albery & Redstone Funerals), said they had noticed an increase in people who regret opting for a direct cremation.

“Bereavement counsellors we work with tell us that a lot of the people they support now are those whose loved one opted for a direct cremation that prevented them from gathering with family and friends to say goodbye.

“We don’t want to deter anyone from arranging direct cremations but we just want to ensure people are able to make an informed decision at life’s most difficult time,” he said.

Lets Talk About Direct Cremation

As part of the Let’s Talk About Direct Cremation campaign, Albery & Redstone Funerals is displaying posters in its shop windows and online encouraging people to take the time to find out what a direct cremation entails. It is also participating in community talks to raise awareness.

In 2019, direct cremations accounted for just 4% of funerals annually, however Covid restrictions caused a surge and at the height of the pandemic 18% of funerals were unattended. This has fallen to around 14% now.

Additionally, it is estimated that between 37% and 40% of all funeral plans sold now are for direct cremation funerals.

Terry Tennens, Chief Executive of SAIF, welcomed Albery & Redstone Funerals’ involvement in the campaign.

“It’s fantastic to see local independent businesses working to help vulnerable people in their communities make informed decisions about funerals, which are often the ultimate distressed purchase.

“I defend anyone’s right to have a direct cremation but it’s important that people know exactly what they are buying and look beyond the ‘no-fuss’ headlines and ensure that this kind of service is going to work for them and their families.”


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