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Our Funeral Price Lists

As we are an independent funeral director we can tailor our services/prices to your individual needs.

Traditonal Funeral Service From Okehampton Funerals
Direct Cremation From Okehampton Funerals
  • Direct Cremations from £1595.00

    (Local Crematorium)

  • Average total cost of a Cremation Service £3550.00

    (Traditional Service)

  • Average total cost of a Burial Service £3614.00

    (Traditional Service)

These are just a guide to what is on offer, we have included the average cost of funerals, but each individual is different and unique. As a truly Independently owned business, we understand that every funeral is different and people’s circumstances differ as well, so therefore we can cater to each individual’s circumstances, if costs may be an issue to you, please do not worry, we have finance options available to you, or we can simply work to a tighter budget but making sure nothing is compromised in offering a dignified professional service to you.